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Paul B. Kirsch, M.D.
Paul B. Kirsch, M.D.
V. Rao Nadella, MD
V. Rao Nadella, MD
Dilbagh Singh, MD
Dilbagh Singh, MD
Filane Crumrine, CRNP
Filane Crumrine, CRNP
Danielle Gregoire, PA-C
Danielle Gregoire, PA-C
Stephanie Martuccio, CRNP
Stephanie Martuccio, CRNP
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*** NEWS ***
April 10, 2017

Dear Patient,

We are pleased to announce that effective April 10, 2017, Bradford Health Center will become part of Bradford Regional Medical Services, an affiliated organization of Bradford Regional Medical Center.
All our providers will continue to provide you with expert care including: V. Rao Nadella, MD; Dilbagh Singh, MD; Paul B. Kirsch, MD; Danielle Gregoire, PA-C and Jennifer Vincent, PA-C, LMHC.  Our Bradford, Eldred and Shinglehouse locations will remain the same as will our office hours, phone numbers, website and partial portal.  You may notice some changes in way our paperwork looks such as statements, letterhead and prescriptions reflecting Bradford Regional Medical Services.
Our commitment to you remains – to provide the great service and care you and your family have come to expect from Bradford Health Center.
Thank you for your trust in Bradford Health Center and always, please feel free to contact our office with any questions at 814.368.7000.
V. Rao Nadella, MD                                         Dilbagh Singh, MD
Paul B. Kirsch, MD                                            Danielle Gregoire, Pa-C 
Jennifer L. Vincent, PA-C, LMHA 
6 North Center Street, Bradford, PA  16701*  814.368.7000
2 North Center Street, Bradford, PA  16701* 814.362.2625
190 Main Street, Eldred, PA  16731* 814.225.3750
120 East Academy Street, Shinglehouse, PA  16748* 814.697.7100

CDL/DOT Physicals Available Here!
As of May 21, 2014, New regulations went into effect for all Class A, B, & C licenses.

The physical exam can only be done by a DOT Certified medical provider. At the current time, Danielle Gregoire, PAC and Jennifer Vincent, PAC are the only providers certified to perform this exam and complete the necessary paperwork.

Call any of the offices to have your physical scheduled. However, - DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! The new regulations may require the office to perform additional testing. If you are already a patient of the practice, some of this additional testing may already be on file and current for this year. If you are not a patient of the practice, you will be required to provide the required testing results from your own primary care provider or specialist or you may have to complete testing before your certification can be validated. If you are not a patient of our practice, it is your responsibility to obtain copies of the required testing and BRING IT WITH YOU TO THE VISIT.

Delays in getting the documentation or required testing done can result in your license being expired. 

Call our any of our offices for appointments, requirements, and costs associated with the CDL/DOT physical.
Dr. Singh and Dr. Nadella are Strongly Encouraging Patient Portal Use

Our online portal will give you 24/7 access to much of your healthcare information and greatly streamline your communication with our office. Some of the advantages of using the Patient Portal Include:
  • Faster turn-around time than calling - It's true!
  • No unnecessary back and forth phone calls - nobody likes playing phone tag!
  • No waiting on hold or busy signal when calling. We are a multiple provider, high volume office and while we do our best to service everyone in a timely manner sometimes it is very difficult to get through. Using the patient portal will help reduce unnecessary call volume and allow us to better service all of our patient population.
  • Messages are sent to physicians DIRECTLY with no middle-person - what you type is what we get. And we get it IMMEDIATELY (keep in mind we might not respond back right away if we are in the middle of seeing patients). We do our best to get back to you the same day.
  • Forgot your appointment - no problem! You can view upcoming as well as previous visits with us.
  • Refill requests are sent directly to the doctor! Point-to-point messaging helps reduce errors. Requesting refills with the portal is faster than calling the office. You are even able to send requests on the weekends, holidays, and after business hours! As soon as the provider logs-in the medicine is waiting to be refilled.
  • Need to find an appointment time that will fit your busy schedule? Give appointment scheduling a try. What you see is what we have - there are no "hidden" or "secret" spots in the schedule. You see everything we have available.
  • Test results - many people want either a copy of them or to know the results right away. With our Patient Portal as soon as the results come to us, they are available to you. You can print them or just look...it is up to you!
  • You are able to update your information as soon as it changes. New phone number? Update it to make sure you get your reminder calls! 
  • "I'm too old to use the portal." - NOT TRUE! Many of our ageing population enjoy the portal. You can use it at your own speed. If you have trouble hearing, then give the portal a try. If you have trouble remembering, give the portal a try. All of your messages can be saved for later. Share the information with family members and keep them informed if you choose. Intimidated? Don't be! We can sit down with you and help walk you through the initial activation and show you around the portal.
  • Need help? No problem. Give our office a call at 814-368-7000 or stop by the Bradford location between 8:30-3:00 for your own personalized tutorial.

For more information, please see our Patient Portal Tab on the website or contact our office with questions or to request Portal Activation.
Notice of Privacy Practices

To see the Notice of Privacy Practices for Singh-Nadella MD's please click on the following link: Click Here!


We now have Prolia injections available at our offices. Please ask your healthcare provider if you are interested. Visit www.prolia.com for helpful information and resources along with a Frequently Asked Questions section about Prolia.
Patient Portal
Our high-tech Patient Portal is now available! It includes features functions such as:
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Medication refill requests 
  • Referral requests
  • Direct Messaging to Staff & Providers
  • Testing Results
  • Ability to update your patient history as it changes
  • Ability to view your health summary information and generate a report that you can take to your next visit with your specialist physician
  • View your medication list
For more information, please see our Patient Portal Tab on the website or contact our office with questions or to request Portal Activation.
Singh-Nadella MD's Notice of Privacy PracticesHIPAA
Release of Medical RecordsThis form allows us to obtain your medical information from another provider involved in your care. It must be filled out COMPLETELY and returned to one of our locations. It is your responsibility to gather the correct information on the doctor - not ours. If you have any questions please contact one of our offices for assistance.
Bradford Era Newspaper ArticleApril 8, 2015 article regarding the merge of practices.

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